Wood Pilings and Sheet Pilings

Since 1993, we have been the trusted supplier of treated wood pilingsvinyl sheet pilings, and poly coated wood pilings, poles, Structural Foundation Columns (SFC's), and timbers along the Gulf Coast. Whatever your project - on land or in water - we can supply the kinds of pilings you need.

Daily Deliveries to the Coast

Our materials are shipped daily to projects all along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. Many materials can be delivered within a few days and almost all stock, including hardware, items can be delivered within a week.

Will call is available at the Houston, TX location.

Get a quote for your project online or call us at (866) 255-0682.  Our friendly project consultants are happy to help with your piling questions and the deliver quotes fast. Don't forget your hardware.

Round or Square Wood Pilings

Choose round or square wood pilings for your project.  We stock lengths up to 55' in round poles and up to 40' in square timber pilings.  Longer lengths are available upon request.

For the ultimate in natural appearance there is no better choice than Structural Foundation Columns (SFC's) - solid pilings with no taper.

Most wood pilings are treated with CCA to the retention level specified by your or your contractor.  Common treatment levels are:

  • .40 pcf for ground contact use
  • .60 pcf for freshwater contact
  • 2.5 pcf for saltwater contact

Other treatments including ACQ and creosote area available upon your request.  Learn more about your wood piling options or get a quote now.

Vinyl Sheet Piling for Long-Lasting Bulkheads

Vinyl sheet pilings are the longest lasting and most cost effective option available for building a quality bulkhead or retaining wall to protect your property from erosion and wave action.

Your bulkhead or retaining will last a lifetime when built using vinyl sheet pilings and long lasting treated wood and marine hardware components we supply.

We supply vinyl and composite sheet pilings in profiles for nearly any project from small residential retaining walls to giant industrial or commercial bulkheads.

Learn more about vinyl sheet piling or get a quote today.

Poly Coated Pilings - Ultimate Longevity

If longevity is your number one criteria, then you need poly coated pilings to support your structure.  Some industry professionals estimate that poly coated pilings will last about twice as long as normal coated pilings even in harsh marine environments.

Polymer coated pilings have been tested all along the coasts of the United States and are proven effective at protecting pilings from harmful wood-boring organisms while preventing the chemicals in the wood from leaching into the water or soil around them.

Great for your project & good for the environment, poly coated pilings are one of the best investments you can make. Learn more about polymer coated pilings.

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