Treated Wood Pilings for Any Project

Whether you need foundation pilings for a beach house, marine treated dock or pier pilings, or wood pilings for any other use contact us online for a fast quote.

Treatments Available

Most pilings are treated with safe and effective CCA, which is approved for most piling applications.  Other treatments are readily available upon request.  The most common treatment levels are:

  • .40 pcf - ground contact
  • .60 pcf - freshwater applications
  • 2.5 pcf - saltwater applications

Other retention levels are available to meet specifications per engineers or government contract requirements.  We have worked on many projects along side architects, engineers, Corps of Engineers, and more.

Poly Coated Pilings - Guaranteed 25 Years

If you want longevity you need polymer coated pilings.  Your pilings will be treated to the appropriate or specified retention level for your project, kiln dried, and then coated with our space age poly-urea coating that bonds to wood and provides an incredible level of protection from insects, mollusks, and other wood-boring organisms.

Your pilings will outlast all the regular treated wood pilings around them and require no maintenance (wrapping or reinforcement) meaning you will save money on repairs and replacement materials and labor.

Learn more about poly coated pilings.

Treated Round Pilings

Round pilings are inexpensive, strong, and long-lasting.  Because of their minimal heartwood exposure they are less susceptible to rot and attack by wood-boring organisms since the pressure treatment can fully protect the heartwood. Round pilings are commonly used for a huge variety of construction projects including:

  • Foundation Pilings
  • Beach House Pilings
  • Dock Pilings
  • Pier Pilings
  • Bulkhead Pilings
  • Pile Moorings
  • Ropes Courses
  • Dolphins

Round Pilings = Upside-Down Poles
Pilings can also be used as poles for construction of pole barns, fences, utility poles, and more.  Call us if you have questions.

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Treated Square Pilings - All Sizes, All Treatments

Square pilings offer a level of uniformity difficult to achieve in round pilings.  They are also visually impressive - massive square timbers holding up a structure.

From treated 6x6 timbers for bulkheads and fences to massive 12x12 pilings (and larger) for foundations and fender systems we can supply your square pilings.  Our giant inventory of pilings can serve your square timber pilings requirements.

Nearly any treatment type and retention level is available to meet your project requirements or specifications.  We can also custom cut, drill, or condition your pilings to save you time on the job site.  Of course, your square pilings can be protected with our tough polymer coating for unmatched longevity.

Square timber piles are delivered with a rough cut finish as an industry standard practice.  However, we can plane your timbers for a smooth finish upon request.  We also have all the hardware you will need to complete your projects.

Get a quote for your square timber pilings online or call us at (866) 255-0682.  Our friendly project consultants are happy to help with your piling questions and the deliver quotes fast.

Gun Barrel Pilings - No Taper Pilings

We are the exclusive producer of Gun Barrel Piling (a.k.a. Solid Uniform Diameter pilings).  No taper Gun Barrel pilings provide all the natural look of round pilings with the visual and dimensional uniformity of square pilings.  Additionally, Gun Barrel pilings are easier to install and build onto, especially when used as beach house pilings or foundation columns.

Comparison of Round and Square Pilings

In response to numerous questions about the pros and cons of round pilings versus square we have put together a simple comparison of round and square wood pilings.

Round Pilings are Easier to Install (no Squaring)
All piling must be installed plumb (straight). However, when installing square pilings, enormous detail must be given to ensuring they are square relative to the position of the rest of the structure.

With that in mind, installing round pilings may save hours of job-site headaches and labor costs.

Round Pilings & Uniform Diameter Gun Barrel Pilings = Less Exposed Heartwood
This is not always an issue with square pilings.  However, round pilings virtually never have exposed heartwood, except for at their cut ends.  Square pilings usually have at least some exposed untreatable heartwood along their length due to the sawing process meaning they are more susceptible than round pilings to rot and decay.  See the table above.

Round Pilings & Gun Barrel Pilings Safer in Storm Surges
Additionally, round pilings and Gun Barrel pilings are safer and more stable than square pilings in storm surge conditions because they allow the water to flow evenly and smoothly around them whereas square pilings generated a low-pressure area on the piling's backside increasing the likelihood of failure. See the comparison table below.

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