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Wood Pilings Nearby Houston

Our main inventory and manufacturing location and headquarters are in Houston so your pilings are nearby right now.

Many of the foundation pilings, wood bridge pilings and timbers, pier and dock pilings, and bulkheads and retaining walls around Houston were built with materials we supplied.

Call our friendly project consultants at (866) 255-0682 or get a quote online for pilings in the Houston area.

Multiple Delivery Options

Your pilings will be delivered on time by one of our friendly and professional drivers. We maintain a completed fleet of special trucks equipped to handle almost any job-site situation.  In the event you do not have unload equipment on-site handle your materials, we can deliver your materials using a tilt-bed truck or truck with a portable fork-lift.

Wood Pilings - Treated for Your Project

We have a giant inventory of round and square pilings and timbers in Houston. If your treated pilings are not ready in inventory, the on-site treating plant will have them ready within a few days.

Your pilings will be treated to your specifications and our project consultants can help you choose the best option for your project.  The most common treatments for pilings, poles, and timbers in Houston are:

  • Above Ground - .40 pcf, CCA
  •  Ground Contact & Fresh Water - .60 pcf, CCA
  • Brackish or Saltwater - 2.5 pcf, CCA

Most foundation pilings in Houston are treated to .60 pcf with CCA. Get more information about wood pilings here.

Vinyl Sheet Pilings in Houston

Vinyl sheet pilings are commonly used for bulkheads and retaining walls throughout the Houston Metro region.  Get more information about vinyl sheet pilings.

A contractor experienced with installations in your area will know the best methods for your particular location and have the proper tools, too.  When you contact us about a quote we will be happy to gives the names of a few trustworthy bulkhead contractors who will give you a competitive offer.

Delivered Ready-to-Build
Your sheet pilings can be delivered as a ready-to-build package with everything you need, from wood components to hardware, to complete your vinyl bulkhead or retaining wall. Call us at (866) 255-0682 or contact us online for a fast quote.

Poly Coated Pilings

You may have seen polymer coated wood on docks, decks, and piers in public places in and around Houston.  Polymer coated wood is practically invincible to wood-boring insects, mollusks, and decay.

You can easily expect your poly coated wood pilings to remain strong throughout your entire lifetime.  They are available in any quantity in grey, green, or brown.  Other colors are available in large quantities or as supplies exist.

Get a quote online for your pilings. 

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